Monday, April 27, 2009

Rey Rey 2K

Back from the NYC fresh off watching 2 Mets wins @ Citi Field and birthday celebration with best friend. Good Times good times....Here goes year 2K from GCRL with Rey Ordonez.

2000 Pacific Crown Collection - I think this is the fries Pacific card that I own. I dont ever recall seeing these cards before in my life. It's an okay card - clean design, white border, full color backs.... dont think this is a set I would ever pursue.

2000 Upper Deck Victory - Another first for me. Victory - more like non failure - the design is okay -using the head shot form the main pic in the corner is over done. I like to have different photos on my card. Demanding, I know. I like the back design, should use another photo on the back instead of the Mets logo though.

2000 Fleer Tradition - I am usually a sucker for these kind of cards but this is boring and uninspired. Pass

2000 Upper Deck - Is it me or does Upper Deck always come through with a nice design? They may not always be great, but they are rarely bad (see topps 07/08). The back has a lot to say - I think of the year 2K lot - this is my favorite.

2000 Topps (base and gold) - Nice actionish shot of Rey in the field tagging Ellis Burks - Looking further, one of these is actually the Opening Day variety - not base/gold - my bust ya'll.

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