Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2003 Topps Opening Day Pack (or 2003 Topps Braves and more)

I just found a box of about 20 -25 random packs of cards - open, but still in wrappers - so I figured I would do a few pack breaks - Today we are getting 2003 Topps Opening Day - good pack for you Braves fans out there...

Tim Salmon - It's too bad that his career sorta fizzled out - but at the time this card was printed Tim was still a guy that every GM would want on their team. He was a lock for 20-30 homers and 80 RBI - That's no joke -

Geoff Jenkins - Geoff is a guy who had some very nice seasons, recently part of a world champion Phillies team - but he is the left handed Rob Deer - all power, no average - on the right team though he could serve a big role

Fernando Vina - Wasn't he in the Mitchell Report? Does anyone really care about Fernando Vina?

Austin Kearns mini gold cup (and poor scan job by yours truly) - This is actually a game, where if you scratch off the back, if your "homerun" goes over 400 feet you win something - mine went 316 - Austin 3:16 says because Stone Cold Said So (I think). Anyway - I thought I was getting a cool mini - I guess I kinda did

Now for the Captain and Dayf - we have 3 consecutive Braves to close out the pack.
Gary Sheffield - Hell of a player - could possibly be a Hall of Famer - still never really liked him - now he is a Met - so I just don't actively hate him anymore - It is still impressive to see him swing so hard its like he's trying to avenge the death of his father or other loved on
Rafael Furcal - Old faithful - Braves teams were always missing something once Raffy left the club for the west coast - nice player - on my fantasy team this year- which sucks
John Smoltz - What else can be said? First ballot HOF and old school cap? I know it breaks some kind of Mets fan rule - but I love this guy

There we go - anything you want? its yours - not really attached to any of this.

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Mike B said...

I've never really understood Topps Opening Day. It was essential the same cards as the regular Topps series but with a little logo. I imagine it was 4:45 on a Friday before a 3-day weekend when the decision was made to produce it.