Monday, May 4, 2009

Body Count thread

I think there are only 3 episodes left - so lets keep it going!

How many for Jack?

Everyone Else?

The Lidge/Estrada cards are still up along with these three cards from last/this week - you know the rules and everything lets see what you go!

we have up for grabs

09 UD Elijah "I'll rape your teenage daughter" Dukes auto

07 Ud Elements Ryan Zimmerman see through thing

07 Fleer Ultra Miguel Cabrera GU Faces of the Game


FanOfReds said...

How about:

Jack: 0
Others: 0

MMayes said...

Jack 2

Others 3

Total work for Grim Reaper 5

RoofGod said...

Jack: 3

Rest: 2

Anonymous said...

Jack - 0
Others - 2

Captain Canuck said...

jack 0
others 1

Duane said...

jack 1
others 1