Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some random Links

A few ridiculous web sites I was exposed to this weekend - Believe me, they (well 2 of them) are very not safe for work and really have no place on a baseball card blog - so if you are easily offended or your wife is the room - avoid them - otherwise enjoy.

This Is Why You're Fat - A website for all of us big dues who dream of using donuts and hamburger buns - They wisely do not list calories.

Awkward Boners - I think the name says it all - this is pictures of dudes with ill - timed pants tents - no actual cock shots, just a lot of tents - also really funny since we have all been there.

Finally - A blogger buddy of mine talked about this set site - Guess Her Muff - I'm not gonna link it since its pretty pornish - but the whole set up is they show a regular picture of a girl - then you guess how she keeps her privates groomed, then you see a picture and get to see if your guess is right - I felt like a total douche but I was kinda good at it - just do a google search if you are bored - its a blogspot site.


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