Sunday, May 10, 2009


I'm assuming by this time I will be at 8000 hits on this blog.

I never thought when I started that I would even get 1000. Thank you all for helping me to find a voice (still working on that to a degree), find a community, a place to have fun and speak my mind about things no one in my everyday lift gives a shit about.

I've got some big projects I am working on for this place - may be a few months down the line until I am ready, but I will have you know its something that I have already been working on for about 6 months - we are getting closer... I know some of you will be into it, some not - and it may bring a lot of new readers over - we will see.

Thank you again everyone - I'm averaging a little more than 1000 hits a month - That is due to all of you kind folks keeping me on your blog rolls and coming back again and again if even just to spite Rey Ordonez. Take it easy

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Steve said...

Congrats on 8000 . . . next comes 9 then 10 then 11 and so on and so on and so on . . . keep up the great writing . . . as one might say "you are well read".