Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2009 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Box Pack 2 (auto hit)

Here we go with pack 2!

For the players on my fantasy teams we have as follows

Robinson Cano - Having a very nice season at 2nd base for the Yanks and my standard roto team

Alex Rios - anyone else fall victim to his siren song every year at the draft and then be frustrated all year?

Milton Bradley - Been good lately.

Chris volstad - Grabbed him real late and has been great in my points league

Adrain Beltre - not the contract year I was looking for....

Mets Players

Tim Redding and Carlos Beltran.

Redding has been - well, it's only been a few starts so I'm not going to really discuss him - Beltran has been great this year though - I want that stick to get hot again soon though.

Now we have our inserts.

Legends of the Game Manny Ramirez - While I was never a huge fan of Manny, I had great respect for him... I hate when anyone, let alone one of the biggest names in baseball tests positive for PEDs. Breaks my heart.

Topps Town Carlos Zambrano - ok

Turkey Red Walter Johnson - This is more like it

Ring of Honor - Yadier Molina - yesterday Ruiz, today this twatte-waffle? ugh.

Frank Francisoc Gold 1785/2009 - ok

WBC - Jose Reyes - Dont like these cards - but I love me some Jose.

Finally we have the best hit of the box - probably also the best auto I have ever pulled - Ryan Braun #82/100. This is one card I will be hanging on to unless someone ponies up a Reyes or Wright auto for me... then Mr Braun could be had.

Once I pulled that Braun Card I was happy with the box


Slette said...

Nice Braun... if you have the stomach for the Beckett boards, you could probably get a good Mets auto for that.

However, you'll more than likely see the morons on there and quit collecting altogether... so stay away.

steveisjewish said...

Thanks for the advise - I'll take my chances on the blogs haha

Sooz said...

That is a very cool card.