Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Results - Body Count

Well - we have no winner this week -

The guy who looks like the dad in the movie "My Father the Hero" (Gerard Gepardius?) killed Kim's bodyguard and now she is being watched by that other due and some cougarish lady with him.

Jack wanted to kill a lot of people - but he didnt.

2 Hour finale next week I think - this will be the best prize of the season - im sure it will be a thrilling episode - I'll have the thread up later in the week as always - last chance until season 8 for free cards!


Anonymous said...

I was close, I was hoping Jack would snap and take Tony out.

Matt said...

Hey Steve. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm totally into that story as well.

MMayes said...

I think we should have a poll on who Tony's henchman at the airport looks like:

a. Gerard Depardieu
b. Kid Rock
c. Billy Ray Cyrus

In any event, no matter who he looks like, I think he's pretty well headed for a dirt nap next week.