Saturday, May 30, 2009

2009 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Box pack 5

...and now we are half way there...

The long representative from the fantasy teams this year in pack 5 is Ted Lilly - who has been having a very nice Ted Lilly year - I bet the Yanks regret letting this dude go.

Finally we have a few more Mets - we have the new bullpen of K rod (who has been getting it done, but rarely w/o making it interesting) and JJ Putz who has pitched how I feared he would - also in this pack was the first I started noticing some doubles slipping (another Cora for example).

finally the inserts -

Jon Lester Turkey Red - Almost kept him from last year to this year - at this point glad that I let him walk.

big Prince Topps Town - Nice looking card

Legends of the Game steve Carlton - He looks like a cartoon in this picture - weird

ROH - Miguel Cabrera - meh.

Javier Valentin Gold 1631/2009 - meh

This box has had its mojo almost stopped by now - Lets hope it kicks back up

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