Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2009 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Box Pack 1

Last week (Friday to be exact) I was able to pick up a box of 09 Topps Series 2 Jumbo packs - However, due to the Terminator and other holiday weekend activities, I had only about 20 minutes to rip it. that is not enough time to really take these cards in. So I will be going back through them pack by pack and letting you all into the process with me. At the end of the box if there are still cards needed (which there will be since I am collecting some of the insert sets) that will be posted at that time - any doubles I get will be available. Lets start with pack 1.

Since most of these cards have been scanned and shown to the blogosphere so far, I willl again use my fail safe option of showing dudes on my fantasy teams, Mets, and inserts. That should work.

First we have Joe Mauer who I grabbed in the 13th round in one of my 3 leagues - WOW! Is he not the best pure hitter in baseball right now? You'd be hard pressed to find one, especially at catcher. I could have had him for a song in my dynasty league when he was hurt but I fucked that one up. However, I do have the first pick in the 1st year player draft - so maybe I can flip him for Strasburg?

Next up we have the underwhelming Chris Davis - he is slugging homers and thats about it - the league I have him in is a points league though, so his average isnt as detrimental as it would normall be.

Finally - Justin upton - I was really hoping for a breakout this year and it appears I am going to get it - the kid is streaky,but when he is on, you can see that the D- Bags have a star in the making.

Next up we have a smattering of Mets cards.

John Maine who has been able to pitch pretty well this season, still needs to stop walking people - it's what will prevent him from ever becoming anything better than a #3 guy. Alex Cora who was doing a very nice job filling in at 2nd and Short until he landed on the dl, leaving us with Ramon Martinez. Finally - Nick the "Stick" Evans - Evans couldnt hit sand if he fell off a camel in AAA but I like him anyway - He is now back in Binghamton - Hopefully I get doubles of this card and could get one signed before he gets called back up.

Next up is the SP of Steve Carlton - To prove my point I didnt know I had gotten this card until I looked back through the pack this morning. I have a feeling Jay Bee will be getting this one eventually - if you are reading this my friend - Let me know if you need it.

Now finally we get to the insert cards.

We have a Ring of honor card for Carlos Ruiz - Hate these cards and he's a douche Phillie so lets move on.

Taylor Teagarden Gold 1743/2009 - meh

WBC Dustin Pedroia - Don't think I will be collecting this set.

Legends of the Game Greg MAddux - I WILL be collecting these - very glad to see them back for Series 2.

Topps Town Ryan Braun - Hmmm- Blue? OK - I'll collect

Finally we have a Turkey Red of K Rod - Again, I will be collecting these cards - so if you dont want them, I do!

So not a bad haul for pack 1 - Coming up in th ebox are a few underwhelming relics and a very nice auto - so stay tuned!

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night owl said...

That Carlton card is awesome. Some of the old photos look out of place with a modern design. But that looks great.