Monday, May 18, 2009

3 Jumbo Packs of 09 Bowman

So on Friday I stopped by my local card store to see if he had the 09 Topps Series 2 jumbos in yet - he did not - but since I had my heart set on ripping something - I grabbed a few jumbos of the 09 Bowman set. Here are some of the highlights.

For the base I chose to once again show off players on my various fantasy teams
Chase Utley
Alex Rios
Brett Myers
Joe Mauer
Zack Greinke
Mike Jacobs
John Lackey
Alex Rodriguez
Shane Victorino

Next up were the 5 standard rookie cards I got
Mat Gamel
Josh Geer
Greg Golson
Shairon Martis
John Outman

Here we have of the bowman prospects and WBC cards the only players I have heard of.

David Freese (who has a shot at Cardinals third base if he gets it together)
Phillip Aumont whom I believe is with the Mariners organization
Yu Darvish - he's good

Next up are the parallels -
Lance Berkman
Mike Jacobs
Seth Garrison

Nelson Perez 76/250

Chipper Jones 479/500
Carlos Gomez 19/500
Josh Geer 176/500

For Chrome cards I got all prospects I never heard of besides for the WBC players I mentioned before - Aumont and Darvish - not bad I guess

Finally we have the refractors
Neil Ramirez 29/299
Tommy Johnson 82/299

So no autos or anything bigtime - but enough to peak my interest in the set - who knows - maybe someday I will collect it - probably not though
Dont forget to enter the last chance for the 24 body count contest!

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