Monday, May 18, 2009

Body Count Thread - Season Finale! (11 card prize)

Wow - What a season it has been - I'm not sure how many cards I have given away, but I know that it has been quite a bt - Here are all the scans of this weeks cards - (2 carry over from last week, they are not posted here). So here they are

2008 Topps Adrian Gonzalez All Star Jersey Card
2008 Topps Heritage Carlos Lee GU Bat
2007 Topps John Lackey All Star Jersey Card
2008 upper Deck Andy Pettitte Game Used Jersey Card
2007 Bowman Heritage Andrew Fie Auto
2007 Bowman Heritage elliot Johnson Auto
2008 Upper Deck Timelines Nyjer Morgan Auto
2007 Upper Deck Artifacts Jesse Crain Audo
2007 Fleer Ultra Roy Oswalt Game Used Jersey Card

But wait - Theres More!

To sweet the pot a bit for a big finale will be

1959 Topps Buyback (fromHeritage) of Bob Miller w/ stamp
1987 Fleer Baseball All stars set of 44 (feat. Boggs, Gwynn, Mattingly, Puckett, Ripken, Ryan etc..)
1982 Topps K-Mart MVPs set of 44 feat Carew, Bench, Mantle, Yaz, Koufax - all dudes who won AL and NL MVPs)

So a lot stuff, some pretty neat - some make my desk neater - Thats how I do - but now, I need your help!

I will not be able to get posts up this weekend - I am booked solid - So please - after you put your guess in Tell your friends - I want a lot of guesses - These cards will be gone! If you are a reader who is guessing - tell another reader (if you know one) if you are a blogger - throw something up there for me - tell people to come get free stuff -

I will probably be adding a lot of extra cards to the package as well - if you have a favorite team - leave it in the comments - player - do the same thing - If you read this - make a guess - whether you watch the show or not - I am not picky... I just want participation this time around.

So here is all you have to do (keep in mind its a 2 hour finale)

How many people will Jack Bauer kill?
How many people will everyone else kill?

and a bonus question - Will Kim Bauer be killed? put together your best scenario for her death (if yuo can think of one) and if anyone is close I will sweeten the pot up even more - with some good cards - I promise!

Good luck in the last week of the Body Count Contest!


Don said...

Jack 0
Others 8

Kim does not die

I collect Detroit Tigers

Duane said...

Jack 3
others 1

Dan said...

OK, I'll say Jack kills 2, and everyone else kills 5.

Kim does NOT die, but if she did, it would be at the hands of a not-dead-any-longer Michelle who comes back to save her former hubby Tony. Michelle would put Kim in the interrogation chair and stick electrodes under her long fingernails while also injecting as much pentathol as possible until Kim admits to killing Kennedy, Ruby, Sirhan, Lincoln, and Jesus.

Captain Canuck said...

Jack 3
Others 5

Kim lives!

night owl said...

OK, by entering now, I'm like those people who don't watch any baseball until the World Series or buy a lottery ticket only when the prize gets above 100 million. I have no shame:

Jack kills 1
Others kill 3

In an homage to L.A. Law, Kim dies by falling down an elevator shaft.

Verification word (I swear): metsciz

MMayes said...

Jack kills 2

Others kill 1

Kim lives
This is not how the writers would do it, but my ideal scene of how Kim would die is that she reunites with Chase Edmunds, undercover as an Anaheim Duck assistant coach who is tasked with keeping tabs on a Russian hockey player/terrorist during the Stanley Cup finals who is using the New York Rangers as a cover (season 8 is supposedly set in NYC). Another of the Rangers recognizes Kim and kills her. This is all so that Sean Avery can guest star with his sloppy seconds line.

Slette said...

Jack kills 3, others kill 2, Kim lives, and Tony Almeida rules.

FanOfReds said...

Jack kills 2
Others kill 2

Kim lives.

Anonymous said...

Jack: 2
Others: 6

Kim dies at the hands of her captors.

Duane said...

golly I didn't make a Kim guess. As much as I want to see her dead, alas she will live, like a zombie only alive. Kim what a horrible character. oh hell with it, Jack kills his own daughter b/c she is so damn stupid and she tried to hide his grandkid from him. Die Kim die.