Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rey Rey 2K1 and 2K2

For the sake 1) Completing it 2) Using scanned cards 3) Doing a baseball card post -

Here are the last of the Rey Ordonez cards from Jim @ GCRL.

Here are the 2001 issue cards and some quick commentary.

2000 Fleer Platinum - If this is Fleer's version of platinum, I would hate to be their mistress because I bet she gets a washing machine on her birthday. This is an awful take on "classic" design. Just plain boring. Also, if you are going to gloss a "retro" card - ... dont. It doesnt work. Not Impressed.

2001 Topps - Wow - another ugly card. I really don't know what focus group (if any) looks as the 2001 card design and says yup - that will get me back into collecting. The back is ugly too.

2001 upper Deck - Finally a card that I'm not ashamed to own. Full bleed photo - always a plus - decent shot - nothing ground breaking, but at least its not just a portrait. The logo on the bottom left is kinda blurry and tough to read - does Upper Deck ever make an easy to read product? The card back has about an inch of blank unused space on it.... Really? just make the font bigger? do something.

2001 - not a good showing.

Now moving on to the 2 2002 issue cards.

2002 Topps - You cannot say that topps was not consistent in the early 2000's because here is another ugly set with a poorly thought out design. I have nothing good to say. The border is the color of baby shit when they are on the squash and pumpkin diet. This is not good.

2002 Fleer Tradition. Nice cardboard stock, no gloss, Goudey design, photo of Rey in a Throwback uniform, still too much wasted space on the back, but this is a set I would consider collecting. Finally, the early 2ks come up with something good.

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