Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Body Count Finale Results!

Well - no one guessed the correct body count in the final week - but that doesn't mean that cards were not won!

The final count was
Jack - 3
Rest - 14

Three people guessed a total Kill Count of 8 - giving them all a point towards the final standings which were

Don - 4
Bailey - 4
Chris - 2
Captain Canuck - 1
Andy - 1
Duane - 1

So now - we had a tie with Don and Bailey with 4 close guesses each. To determine the winner, I simply went by who had the closest guess in the final week to Jack's kills

Don Guessed 0 for Jack while Bailey guessed 2

so Congratulations to our winner Bailey from the Nennth Inning on being this years Body Count Champion! He along with Duane (who had the most spot on guesses during the season) have made Jack and America Proud!

Thank you all for playing and making this a fun thing to do each week this season - see you in season 8 in New York City!!!

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MMayes said...

Here's hoping they'll switch away from NYC long enough to show Olivia Taylor's prison strip search and/or Kim Bauer's surgery prep.