Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Box from Steve @ White Sox Cards

A few weeks back (yes - I am getting very bad at timely updates) I received an unexpected package from Steve over at the fantastic White Sox Cards blog. What was inside was a bunch of want list stuff and even more Mets... So lets check out the highlights

First up is an 08 Masterpieces Eddie Murray SP - The back of the card writes that Murray was quiet off the field - this is because from I understand he is a historically huge asshole when it came to the media - maybe they deserved it - who knows - but the man didnt talk much, guess he didnt need to as he now is enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

Next we have a bunch of 07 Bowman heritage cards. We've got Rocco Baldelli, Rich hill, Miguel Cabrera, Mike Piazza, Ryan Zimmerman, Jorge Posada, Bartolo Colon, and a hideki Okajima RC. There are days that I love this set, and days that I wonder why I am collecting it. Today I love it.

Steve was also kind enough to include a few of the prospects that I needed off my want list - Let's run through and see if I have even heard of these dudes...

Chris Nowak - Nope
Chad Reinke - yes
Ryan Adams - Love the singer
Patrick Reilly - Nope
Matthew Sweeney - Nope
Kala Kaaihue - is this the dude thats with KC now - or is that Kila Ka'ahai or something - are these different dudes? too lazy to look it up

There were 2 91 Fleer ultra - I am getting very close to finishing that set now...

A few more 91 Fleer - quite possibly the ugliest set ever made - if only Dr. Steve had designed the whole set.

Don't forget to bring a Towel

and I could not resist - Towelie and Lost?

Here we have an assortment of sweet Mets cards included

2007 Topps Finest Tom Glavine- This is one of the first Finest cards I have owned - still coming to terms with this set...

09 Ud First Edition Jose Reyes Starquest - I love the Starquest cards this year

06 Topps 52' rookies Henry Owens - he nailed a girl I know

07 A & G Shawn Green - I was always a fan when he was with the Mets

Finally - in the should I send it back category because it was way too nice to send this over - a 1955 Topps card of Bob Wiesler - I know nothing about him - but anytime someone sends me a classic card like this I am always shocked and super thankful

so Steve - Thank you sooo much - I've got a Griffey Chrome card over here with your name on it - jus twaiting to build up a bigger package first!


White Sox Cards said...

Well, you did guess the correct comic on my 1,000th post contest. I was really delayed in sending it out. I'm glad the cards arrived safely. Enjoy your contest winnings and don't feel guilty about the vintage card. It was the extra special bonus set aside for the contest winner.

I'm just happy that I could find so much from your lists.

MMayes said...

Kala is Kila's brother. I guess those Hawaiian dudes sure know how to confuse us mainlanders.