Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thank you Jeff!

Jeff from the Cardboard Junie always has his finger on the pulse of blogger want lists -I think I get at least 1 card from him every month. His dedication to trading blows mine way out the water - I go through fits and spells - Jeff is just a cool customer keeping them coming at all times - Someday I will have that dedication - maybe.

To explain further - my wife now knows Jeff. I get one of his envelopes and she always says - Hey it's your buddy Jeff again - keep in mind if you put a gun to her head she probably could not name my blog or really any other card related things - this is much my hobby alone as she likes red things in the kitchen - together we could each not give less of a shit about each others hobbies - but maybe thats good?

Anyway Jeff - thank you - Thank for bringing the Kouz into the Brown house. He now has a happy home between Phil hughes and Shaun Marcum in the 09 Heritge box (one day binder).


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night owl said...

Yes, that's definitely a good thing. The day you care what color your kitchen is is the day you should be concerned.