Monday, December 15, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Wantlist


Stopped at a card show this morning and only need *3* more

Here is what I am needing for the 2008 Upper Deck base set - I have lots of doubles out of here if anyone else needs some gaps filled in.

Series 2

496, 522,


Joe from the wonderful Cardboard Addiction blog has sent me 21 cards towards my set goal! Thank you so much! He also threw in a couple of sweet other goodies that I will be posting as soon as I get my scans and a little bit more free time! Make sure to check him out - I still need to put your package together, but dont think I forgot about you!


The Cardboard Junkie helped me out with a handful more - the list is getting smaller and smaller!


Cliff @ Capewood's Collections sent me 20 more cards towards the set - the list keeps getting smaller

** UPdate**

Reader Chris got me 14 cards closer!

Reader David helped to get me down to needing only 26 more cards!


Reader Ray got me a stack closer!

Update -

20 more to go thanks to Greg @ night Owl Cards
4 more cards from our favorite Addict Jeff Wolfe
4/2/09 - 2 more to go thanks to Greg @ Lake Effect Cards!


Cardboard Addiction said...

I have 16 cards you need: 783,773,768,749,740,726,696,689,682,673,612,605,564,545,543, and 530. E-mail me your adress to and you can have em.

sruchris said...

I have for you:

408 499 513 561 642 644 659 660 661 676 695 701 727 799


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

529,611,639,645,668 are on the way =)

tastelikedirt said...

I sent you an email, but since then it looks like I only have one card you need.