Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Music Player

So, I have added a music player to the sidebar - (over there -->) and put a few hot tracks down. Now the My Playlist thing says these are the songs they are, not always the case after I looked it over, but, I figure maybe if one of you out there hears a new tune or band you like, then I did good. Maybe I will go on to feature a band a month, or do themes... we will see. I know this is primarily a baseball card blog - but let me know in the comments... do you think this is a neat feature? Do you just not care? Is it annoying? Maybe I will throw a poll up sometime. Well, thats all for this moment.

Note - I set it to not play automatically when you come to the site - I know I always hate that if I am already listening to something - so at least its not obtrusive, but throw me a bone and hit play. See what happens

1 comment:

night owl said...

No need to apologize for music. It's an excellent edition. If I ever decided to expand my site outside of baseball (and could figure out how to do it), I'd do the same kind of thing.