Monday, December 1, 2008

Heritage High Numbers Tedium Lunacy!

for you at least. Here are the last 4 packs of my hobby break of the 08 Heritage High Numbers

Pack 21

Skip Schumaker

Todd Wellemeyer

Jessie Litsch

Omar Infante

Jon Rauch

Jore Campillo

U/H Reid Brignac RC / DJ Carrasco

Pack 22

Manny Parra

Scott Olsen

Nick Blackburn RC

Ryan Doumit

Russel Branyan

wilson Betemit SP

U/H Kip Wells/Carlos Quinton AS

Pack 23

Bobby Jenks

Jed Lowrie RC

Rod Barajas

Dallas Braden

San Diego Padres

Jose Castillo Chrome Refracter 22/559

U/H Chris Davis RC / Paul hoover

Pack 24

Andy Sonnanstine

Johnny Cueto RC

Vincente Padilla

Mike Hampton bb

Rookie Performers Justin Masterson

Oliver Perez SP

U/H Mark Hendrickson/Jeremy Sowers
That is all! Next box I will not post pack by pack I dont think... we will see how desperate I am, but I Think I've got some fun stuff cookin.

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