Monday, December 15, 2008

Help From the Cheap Seats

On Friday I received a little package from Danny @ Saints of the Cheap Seats. Not only did he send me some 08 Ud Masterpieces off my want list and a big ole' stack of 92 Topps - but I learned something! When corresponding with Danny regarding the trade, he asked if I was a fellow "Lanzman". I'd never heard this before - and when I got the explanation - I felt a minor disclosure might be warranted.

I am not actually Jewish.

I'm not really anything.

It started in High School where just all the time - people would just assume me to be Jewish. This isn't a bad thing, just weird - So at that time, I was also doing a lot of concert promoting for punk bands that were touring through the area - I wanted to set up an e-mail address that people would be able to easily remember if they wanted info on the shows or whatnot - so I just decided on (no longer in service) and its been my "handle" ever since.

For a while I really actually tried to sell the lie - no one really had any reason not to believe me so it was kinda my little inside joke to the world. Then I just sorta realized that all religion is kinda silly and stopped.

Onto the cards!

So Danny knocked off a bunch of my 92 Topps needs and leaves with approx 25 cards left to go! Also included were these 3 08 UD Masterpieces cards. I've made it known before that I LOVE this set - I keep flip flopping - but that's may be my favorite set of the year. I especially love that Danny was kind enough to throw in that Jack Morris SP you see below. We also have Jason Varitek (where will he sign?) and ultimate D-Bag Jimmy Rollins. He is the only player on the Phillies that I really HATE - well, Jayson Werth too cause he spells his name like a jackass.

So many thanks to you Danny - Everyone go check in out and leave him some well wishes and hope hes not totally buried in the upstate NY snow.

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