Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Early Birthday Present from 78 Topps Blog!

Before I even open the cards, I think it is awesome that these cards a hermetically sealed, or whatever the word is. My mind is blown -

Now, this really isn't a birthday present, because there is now way that Andy knew my birthday was on December 5th (ahem...want lists...ahem), but instead, I have been whored out to give a shout out to Andy and his new endeavor, the 78 Topps Blog. I have to say that I love this blog as well as his old labor of love, the 88 Topps blog. Its quite incredible how Andy has the ability to make what could be a very redundant topic, very fun and very interactive. His style and work is something that all bloggers should aspire to reach.
Now - first and foremost - Andy sent me a handful of 08 Goudey cards and was able to fill the last 2 open spots in my binder. For this I am grateful and will have to scour to see if there is anything I can do in return. I know I only did the short set, but I don't have the time or the money for over 100 short prints - Heritage is bad enough.
So Andy - Thank you - Thank you
Next in the package was a handful of 2008 Ud Baseball Heroes towards my set - 17 to be exact - that's 17 closer to the end goal. If you think you might be able to contribute, please check out my want lists and let me know.
Finally, we have a nice stack of 5 random Mets cards! These will all fit nicely in my Mets box, and hopefully, my HoJo pile will continue to grow. I guess I need to go on record as having a hard on for a lot of the 3rd baseman from my era. HoJo, Alfonzo, Wright, Ventura...who knew?

So I need to again, give a huge shout out to Andy at the 78 Topps Blog and my utmost gratitude for the my first completed 2008 set.

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Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I love the Stadium Club HoJo. I love PNC Park but I miss the memories of Three Rivers Stadium.