Sunday, December 21, 2008

Card Show Trade Bait - Relics

Here are a few cards that I picked up for some of my breteren out there - hoping I can turn them into some want list or Mets stuff! Let me know if you are interested!

First up with a Chpper Jones All Star Relic from 2008 Topps updates and highlights - I pulled an Adrian Gonzalex out of my box - That will also be up for trade someday

Next we are looking at Mr. Barry Zito from 2005 Bowman heritage - I am very glad he did not sign with the Mets - that was close.
Here we have an Adam Dunn Bat card from 2006 Bowman heritage - this is the 3rd Dunn GU card I have owned - the other 2 have gone out to Nachos Grande and Hand Collated. Any other Reds fans out there? or hey - where will he sign? If we needed a lefty outfielder I would take him on the Mets in a second.

Finally we have a Cameron Maybin GU card from 2008 Topps - His highlight is hitting a homer in his 2nd major league start - whoop D Shit - who knows - maybe someday he will reach all of his potential and make me not feel like a mark for getting this card.

So please - if you want to add any of these cards to your collection, let me know! Take care

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FanOfReds said...

I like the Bowman relics. Bowman usually seems to do a decent job with their relic cards - unlike some of the other rather hideous relic cards I've seen. I still think Allen & Ginter relics are the nicest though...