Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trade With The Night Owl

Ok - So I got a few packages last week which have yet to see the light of Internet day - the first of which will now get its debut!

A While back I sent Greg @ Night Owl Cards a stack of various goodies - some want list stuff, some dodger stuff, a few Game Used cards - I think that he liked it.

So in return there was a bunch of want list stuff

12 - 1992 Topps Cards
3 - 2008 Baseball Heroes
1 - 2008 Upper Deck
2 - 2008 Heritage (an SP and Insert)
8- Random Mets
1- David Wright

Here are the scans of my favorite cards from the Mets pile

Here we have an 86 Upper Deck Gary Carter card that I am surprised Greg let go - it's either a photo taken with the worst camera ever, or a night shot. I wish I liked Gary more - something about born agains that doesn't sit right with me.

Next up is a severely miscut, but wonderful 74 Topps Tom Seaver Card. When I started collecting, I never really thought that I would get into the vintage stuff - but now its just another thing I will spend too much time and money on - love the card - Thank you

finally - Chris Donnels Score Rising star from the 1992 Set I think. Chris sucked, but he's a great dude - my buddy joe @ mlb collecter wrote Chris with a TTM request, and not only did he sign a bunch of cards, but wrote a really nice letter back to him. Someday hopefully this card will make the same journey.

Finally - the best card of the bunch is a 2008 David Wright Heritage Refracter #'d to 559. It looks like a normal chrome in the scan - but I assure you, it is not (and if you dont believe me, you can eat a box of cocks).

So Thank you very much Greg, and everyone should really check out his blog - it is quickly becoming one of my favorites and is for sure one of the first ones I read each day.

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night owl said...

You are very welcome. (I will start another stack for you very soon).

A warning: once you go vintage you will never go back.