Monday, December 29, 2008

10 Questions from Dinged Corners

This is my response to questions posted over on the Dinged Corners to wrap up 2008. Before I got into my answers - I just wanted to write something up real quick about how much I do appreciate Patricia's blog. Yes, she does get dibs on all the David Wright cards that are out there and that's okay - Of course I love reading about the cards, but more so I love the stories and talk of Lucy - as someone who will be having their own child soon, and is currently having a mild freak out about what that means to my own personal time - it's nice to see how she has been able to share the passion she has with her children and vice versa. So Patricia, Lucy- Please keep up the great work. Onto the questions

1) If I didn't collect baseball cards, I would collect Music. - As of writing this post I have 14,570 songs on my I Tunes - I used to have more - but I have deleted a lot of window dressing from my collection - I used to be a completest, but know if a band just puts out a clunker of a record, I'm not going to keep it around just because I have their other 3 records. I don't have the time for mediocrity.

2) My baseball heroes include one you probably wouldn't know from my blog or comments, and that person is Frank Thomas - oh man - when I was a kid I was ALL ABOUT Frank Thomas - I had an airbrushed windbreaker with a picture of him swinging a bat in old Comiskey - oh man was it awesome (I also had a David Robinson one - he would be my all time sports hero not including baseball players). It was Frank Thomas that really got me to focus attention on Robin Ventura from when they were teammates - we all know that Robin ended up passing him for my all time favorite player.

3) Every New Years I resolve to do nothing to my collection - this is my first new year as a collector since I was 13. But, I'm probably going to have to slow my roll this year until I know whats happening - we will be moving soon and of course baby - can you tell I'm unsure how that is going to impact my hobby?

4) If I could spend one day with a person from baseball history, it would be George Brett - ever since I saw the George Brett Shits Himself video - I've really just wanted to have some beers with the dude.

and now Lucy's questions

5) What is your favorite kind of dog - yellow Labrador - I miss my puppy Dakota.

6) Who is your favorite baseball player - all time - Robin Ventura - currently - David Wright!

7) What is your favorite team - NEW YORK METS!

8) What is your favorite baseball movie - Sandlot. No question

9) What is your favorite baseball book - The Bad Guys Won - great rundown of the 86 team - they were a bunch of debaucherous bastards.

10) What is your favorite card - 1989 Topps Robin Ventura Rookie

I've been loving reading everyone's answers - I really like this blogtopia themed themed posts and hope to see more of them in the future.

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capewood said...

14,570 songs in iTunes! Dude! And I thought I had a lot of tunes. I'm in the process of digitizing my record collection (almost 600 vinyl records).I think you'll still have me beat.