Monday, December 1, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Goudey

THANK YOU TO ANDY FROM 78 TOPPS BLOG - the hunt is over and my 08 Goudey Short Set is complete - I need to cook up something special for him for the holidays I think.



Here is another boring post regarding a set I am trying to build - I promise a more fun one to follow!

2008 UD Goudey - not worrying about SPs on this one - my wallet won't let me - but here is what I am looking for from the base set

Wow - and seriously - this is what happens when you build a set with blasters - still need half the set and I have a stack of 90+ doubles/triples - as always - any help is appreciated, will do my best to fill any holes in your collection as well.


Adam from Thoughts and Sox was kind enough to knock 9 more cards off my list, so it has been updated! Thanks homeboy


Wow - Chris @ Fan Of Reds sent me 60 - yes you read that right, 60 more cards towards my set - This was just too awesome - I think I need to make a special thank you package for Chris in the coming weeks - VERY generous trader - many thanks my friend!

** UPDATE **

Thanks to Dayf, the Cardboard Junkie I now need only 22 more cards for my Goudey base set - SPs be Damned!

I think it's about time I get these paged up.


Chris Harris of Stale Gum fame has brought me to within 12 - thats right, 12 cards of the non SP set. If anyone anywhere anyhow can help me get their hands on those 12...I will do everything in my power to make it worth your while


Thanks to Steve @ White Sox Cards The Human Cheeseburger is no longer on my want list.

** Update**

Reader Steve K heard my call and got me 4 cards closer to completion!!!


Thanks to reader Chris - I am only 2 cards away!


FanOfReds said...

Email sent. I've got a ton of them on your list!

sruchris said...

I have for you: 14 29 55