Saturday, December 20, 2008

Card Show Goodies - Mets GU Cards

All Right - here is part 2 of my card show goodies post - These are all Game used cards of current of former Mets that were picked up for $2 or less. So please ignore the sticker price listed - I promise I did not pay $10 for a Richard Hidalgo card.

So on that topic - we have Richard hidalgo - this is a game used bat card from 2005 Topps Bazooka - I see these cards a lot in bargain bins and think that they are super ugly - I don't ever really see myself buying anymore unless they are super cheap and Mets related. ugh.
Next up are 2 - thats right, I am now the proud owner of 2 Kaz Matsui game used cards. I think the screw cases these cards are in are worth more than the actual cards - maybe i should take them out? The first is from 2005 Donruss Playoff Prestige and the 2nd from what appears to be 2005 Upper Deck Origins. Neither one of these cards are too special - but I love them non-the-less.
Now we have a GU Jeromy Burnitz card from 2002 upper Deck. Jeromy was supposed to part of the new murderers row with line up mates Mike Piazza, Edgardo Alfonzo, Mo Vaughn, Roger Cedeno - yeah - sorta tails off there... he sucked but he played hard everyday. I remember everyone booing this guy because he wasn't hitting, but you could not watch him play everyday and not notice the all out effort you got in the field and the fact that the dude has heart.

Here is a Ty Wiggington Jersey card from 2003 Bowman Heritage - I hated to lose Ty - I remember him crying when he was told about the trade - but it was definitely the Wright move as David quickly stepped in and became one of the premier players in the game. I really do like these Bowman Heritage cards. Anyone have any other relics from these sets for trade?

2 more to go - here is another ugle Bazooka card featuring Carlos Delgado. If Carlos can string together just one or 2 more years like last season - then we are looking at a Hall of Fame player. Streakiness be damned!

Finally - this is a Carlos Beltran Relic from Heritage High Numbers. These relics are all right, but don't really excite me too much - I do think that Carlos is going to have a big year this year - as he seems to every other year as a Met.

Stay tuned tomorrow for some trade bait of some players I know you other bloggers out there are fans of - let me know if you need them!

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