Monday, December 1, 2008

A Pre-Thanksgiving treat with a post-Thanksgiving Thank you

Well Wednesday... or was it Friday now? Well, for the sake of continuity in the title, Wednesday was a very nice mail day for me. On top of getting some Kirk Dressendorfer sigs TTM (to be shown at a later date) I got three packages, 2 from readers and 1 from a fellow blogger.

The first package I opened came from a reader named David who contacted me after finding a link out there on the interweb. This package got me 26 cards closer to my 2008 Upper Deck base set. Its getting to the point now where almost every card completes a page, which isnt quite as fun as doing an ounce of heroin, but is still pretty damn sweet. Thank you sir!

Next package came from another reader, this kind fellow by the name of Chris. In another want list trade, I sent a small package - actually, didnt send it yet - tomorrow - his way and in turn he sent me a handfull of cards needed for my Upper Deck, Goudey, Baseball Heroes, and Heritage sets. Its really fun getting this close to so many sets and I have great readers like Chris and David to thank for helping me out.

Last and certainly not least, came a package from Cliff @ Capewood's Collections who also sent me a bunch of cards from my various want lists as well as sending me this beuty you see to your left. This is my second Piazza game used card and 2nd that I have received in a trade from fellow bloggers. This card is from 208 Upper Deck Spectrum. This was a set I dont really have too much interest in, but I really do dig this card. This extra goody is in exchange for an Astro and Phillie auto that Cliff saw up for grabs here.
So once again, thank you to EVERYONE who has been so kind in helping me complete these sets and helping me save a few bucks in the process.

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