Monday, December 22, 2008

1991 Fleer Ultra Error?

A While back I saw a bunch of packs of this stuff at my local card shop for super cheap so I thought I'd pick them up and save them for a rainy day - Well, as it tuned out, a snowy day. So I went through, and I got most of the set it seems, so of course a want list is coming, seeing as I am pretty close. But when I went to put them in order I thought it was odd that the Carlos Baerga card was in the middle of the Reds part of the set.

A closer look shows me that they are both card # 103

See? Has anyone else noticed this? It looks my Beau allred card is also misnumbered based on the checklist - so now I wonder - is this how ALL the cards are printed or are these errors? Are there correct numbered ones out there? Please let me know anything you do -- I will not be putting up said want list until I know how I should pursue the cards - if they are all misnumbered, then I will slot them in as the checklist cards indicate - if not - maybe I will pursue all variations.


dayf said...

There are a few of these errors but none were corrected and there are no variations. Here are the errors with the correct numbers in parentheses:

101: Jeff Reed
101a: Beau Allered (104)

103: Chris Sabo
103a: Carlos Baerga (106)

111: John Farrell
111a: Chris James (114)

116 Steve Olin
116a: Mitch Webster (119)

steveisjewish said...

wow - Thanks Dayf - I will need to update my want lists accordingly! You should be getting a package soon!

stusigpi said...

I bought a box of these for $40 or something like that in 1991. I got home, opened the box and began putting the set together. I got a complete set, including the errors. I was hoping that since I got this box right when it was released, they would correct the errors and I would be rich.

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