Friday, December 12, 2008

Blog Bat Around Part 2

As someone who collected in the late 80s/early 90s, and once again starting last year - my collection is neither too large, or too impressive - but it is mine and I love it. For part 2 of the fantastic Blog Bat Around hosted by Gellman and the kind folks @ Sports Cards Uncensored I present you now my 2 most valuable cards that I have pulled from packs, and then my two favorite cards from my collection.

First up in the most valuable section, we have a 2008 Topps Co-Signers Carlos Marmol and Geovanny Soto dual signed card. I pulled this out of a pack of co-signers which was probably about 10 bones at the time. This was the first, and so far the last "premium" set that I purchased in any quantity (I picked up a whole box at one point - waste of money) but I like this card a lot due to a fantasy baseball induced man crush on Geovanny Soto (22nd and 28th rounds respectively). Last I looked I think this card checked in @ about $50 (according to Beckett - I know that this isn't the real world price - that's more like $5 bucks I'm sure). Would I trade or sell it? Well, I can never rule out being in dire straights and needing a few bucks - but unless that happened, no I do not think I would sell it. It features a player that I am a fan of, and is a rookie of the year - plus Marmol is going to be really emerging next season I'm sure. Also, I do this for fun, not for the dough, so I don't play on ever selling any of my cards. But now I would trade this if I was confronted with a nice deal for a David Wright, Mike Piazza, Robin Ventura or similar mets type GU/Autos since I would obviously value those higher.

Next up is the most valuable card in my collection - a 2007 Fleer Ultra Alex Gordan Lucky 13 RC AUTO #d 48/99. I got this when I bought about 5 packs of the Ultra Hobby Edition packs while visiting my wife's hometown at her local over priced understocked hobby shop - He did have the pack on sale for $7 a pop - I had some money to burn and the lure of guaranteed relics/autos got me. After getting crap like Omar Vizquel and the like - I pulled this card of Alex which now Beckett lists @ 80 bucks - again, I know that's not what I could sell it for, but I like it - nothing else in my collection comes near that listing. Would I sell or trade this card? Yup - no real attachment - I would just be looking to get back similar value.

Now, we have my two favorite cards. Keep in mind there is a space here for a David Wright Rookie card which like a jackass, I have yet to go get one. Foolish of me I know - I do have a David Wright game used card, but its boring. So you will get to see 2 other players that I collect mostly due to their tenure as New York Mets. The first up, is my all - time favorite ballplayer Robin Ventura (even if he did rush Nolan Ryan - LAME). Here is the first card of his I ever pulled - the 89 Topps Draft Pick card, pictured in his Oklahoma State uniform. I loved Robin for lots of reasons - Not a GREAT power or average guy, but just a good hitter, professional. I always felt he was a winner - Had that great grand slam walkoff and was a part of what Sports Illustrated dubbed the "Best Infield Ever" with Rey Ordonez, Edgardo Alfonzo, and john Olerud. Would I trade or sell this card? No, no one else wants it anyway.

Finally - We have a 1993 Fleer Ultra Mike Piazza Rookie Card. I Don't really have too much else to say about this card besides he is the 2nd greatest Met in the history of the team (Hat tip to Tom Seaver) and one of my all time favorites. There were rough patches when I really could not stand the guy, but looking back at his career and the highlights it had - I now know he belongs where he is as an All-Time great and sure fire Hall of Famer.

Now - as I discussed for the inaugural blog bat around - I am a set collector - with a hint of player/team - so for me, the focus is not on having a "centerpiece" in my collection - Since I do this just for me, I'm just has happy with my 87 Topps set as I am any Auto in my collection, and it has everything to do with building that set and the time I put into it. So yeah, when I go to my local shop or shows and see 30 David Wright cards in the dollar bin, they do usually come home with me instead of the one RC (which I may be amending this weekend got willing), but I am okay with that.

So you have heard my piece and may be silently mocking my lack of a big ticket card, but I'm cool with it - I'd rather you have the Slice of Willie Mays skin or Megaladon or some dead president - Save the rest for me.

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