Thursday, December 4, 2008

2008 Topss Stadium Club Blaster

In another trade with Target I picked up a blaster of 08 Topps Stadium Club - I think I will be trying to complete the base/rookie set. I really like these cards, it shows Topps can make a nice looking card without ripping off an old design. Having said that, I think the highlight of this set is the classic players that can be had. I know that this has been done a lot recently, but it is usually on cards that have that old timey feel. I like the idea of classic players on modern looking cards. I was thrilled to pull Tommy Terrific, Honus Wagner, and Jackie Robinson. beautiful cards.

Also I was surprised to pull a Beam Team auto of Jeff Salazar. If I were rich or stupid or both, I would try to get this whole insert set, but I know I just cannot justify the cost that would take, but I really think this is my favorite insert set of 2008. A few more blasters and my want lists will be up!

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night owl said...

Boy, that Robinson card is everywhere and yet I still don't have it (of course, I've only opened two packs of the stuff).