Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Reader Trades

Wanted to give a shout out thank you to 2 readers who were kind enought to help me knock a few more cards off my various want lists.

The first package comes from Steve K who wanted to swap some 08 heritage High Numbers. there are 9 less cards on that list now thanks to Steve - was even kind enough to include an SP or 2!

The cards included were

Ross Gload
Mark Sweeney
Darin Erstad
David Delucci
Tyler Yates
Matt Diaz
Emmanuel Burriss
Josh Fields
Chris Volstad

2nd package came from a wonderful fellow named Ray who emailed me to take a chunk out of my 2008 Upper Deck, Heritage, and Baseball Heroes Sets

Here's the haul

08 UD

Randy Johnson
Phillip Humber
Justin Morneua
Matt Wise
Michael Barrett
Adrian Beltre
Matt Clement
Odalis Perez
Greg Maddux Season Highlights
Tom Glavine Checklist
Johan Santana Checklist
Cheeseburger Season Highlights


Kenny Lofton


John Smoltz
David Ortiz
Manny Ramirez
Dustin Pedroia
Johnny Bench
Jeff Francis
Hunter Pence
Luke Hochevar
Billy Wagner
Felix ?Hernandez

Thank you both so much - sorry for no scans - its loud and the wife is sleeping!

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