Sunday, December 7, 2008

2 Blasters of 08 UD Timeline

Uh oh... I like it...

I might want to collect this set. This is quite foolish of me, but I feel like I just made a big mistake.

Here is what I got in 2 blasters worth of this stuff from the local K Mart.

First up we have a trio of the regular base cards. Nothing too fancy here - just a nice trio of All Stars and perennial MVP contenders. I was able to get doubles of all of these seen here so 1 for the set and 1 for the team sets. Very happy.

Next up is from the 92 Minors set - This is one of 3 Longoria rookie cards pulled in 2 blasters - not too bad - I like that these cards hold true to their originals in that they are not glossy.
These 2 cards come from my favorite set within a set. I think that these have such a classic look to them even though they come from a contemporary UD set. If I dont decided to collect the set as a whole, I would at minimum like to get all of this edition.
Cheeseburger. Thats all.

Here we have a couple of die cut rookies whos cards I am sick of getting.

Next up is a card of a rookie I am not sick of - In fact I have a bit of a man crush on Mr. Max Sherzer - if his arm doesn't fall off, lets just say his first name ain't baby - it's Max, Mr. Scherzer if you're nasty

Finally we have the 2 "Hits". A Game used Jim Edmonds bat (any cubbies fans out there?) and a Andrew Miller Jersey (already sent an email to Mario to see if he needs it)

So - I guess I know I will be picking up a few more blasters of this before I make my final decision - I have a strong feeling I am going to need to get most of this set on E-Bay and trades - not so much by packs unless I want 10 copies of each base card. But at least the look nice enough to send out for a signature or 2. Time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

Too many shortprints for me, but good luck. :)