Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Trade With Steve K

On Tuesday ( I know I am a little behind... well way behind seeing as when this is going to get posted...) I received a nice package from reader Steve K. This started as a heritage trade, and while that is what Steve got from me, I got some extra goodies from him - so Steve - you are first in line for 08 Heritage updates and Highlights doubles since I am in the hold a little for ya. Leaset I could do.

First up - last card I needed for the 08 UD Series 1 Set

Next we had 5 UD Goudey cards and 5 O8 Heritage cards - It looks like I needed Konerko for both sets. (want lists are updated!)

Next up Steve found out of my affection for Robin Ventura and sent me a bunch of great Robin cards from his days on the White Sox . This is a call to arms. I want your unloved Robins. Please

And now Finally - Steve sent me a smattering of old and loved Mets - This was a real treat as they have officially become the oldest cards I own. We 2 1965 Topps cards, 2 1961 Topps, and 1 very loved 1964 Topps cards. These are fantastic Steve, thank you so much. If you see anything on here you need or when you get a checklist up for the new Heritage, let me know if I can help!

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