Monday, December 8, 2008

2 2008 Topps Stadium Club blasters

Picked these up recently at the Mart (K)

Between the 2 blasters, I received no doubles and plenty of the first day issues and lots of rookies. I have decided to finish this set 1-150 with both versions of each card 101-150. I will be getting a want list up shortly.

Now, its a shame that Topps had to bring back a brand in order to finally commit to some nice photography. In the 2 blasters I got, I found 5 cards depicting nice action shots of plays at the plate. If they could start using photography like this consistently in their sets, I think combined with the history of Topps, they would easily be back on top of the card world.

Now, while hits are not guarenteed in these boxes, I have been very lucky. Last time I pulled a Beam Team insert of Jeff Salazar - this time getting a redemption card for Mariner Prospect Jeff Clement - Now lets see if they can get me the card by March 09 as they are predicting

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