Friday, December 26, 2008

A Unfortunate Associate With the Night Owl

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I, like our good friend the Night Owl - got not a single card for Christmas. (I Will also note that my birthday was 12/5 - and the only card related goodies I got then (that I didn't have to buy for myself was a binder and some pages). Not one - The thing is, while yes its disappointing as that is the ONLY thing I asked for - that's it - handwritten want lists with names of stores/addresses/urls to get the best deal - nothing.

But I did make out really well. From both sets of parents got a bunch of clothes that don't fit so well, but its not their fault I am becoming - whats the hot word for fat in blogging.... - Rotundus? Well, not really becoming - already there - just getting bigger - more on that some other time - so I've got a huge (pun?) stack of clothes to go back to the Mens Wearhouse and other fine retailers - but i did get some super fun gifts this month - gifts that have certainly taken away from my blogging time.

My wonderful wife for my birthday got me a PS3 equipped with Madden 09. Under the tree to go along with that this year was NBA Live 09, Guitar hero Aerosmith, and ROCK BAND 2! You would think I was 14 - but this game is super fun and all of my peers agree based on the sweet jam session that was happening until all hours last night.

I got some cash and won a fantasy football league - but all of that money is earmarked for a tattoo that I will go into more detail of at a later time - Also just had a $500 car repair bill - so my dreams of 2009 pre-orders are for the moment just that - dreams. but as the poster in my Dentist's office says - any dreams worth having are worth fighting for. So there you have it - I will fight for my right to set build. Who's coming with me?

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night owl said...

Seriously, man. Cards are like all I talk about. Someone is seriously dropping the ball.