Friday, November 21, 2008

Trade with Chris @ Stale Gum

Recently I sent Chris @ Stale Gum some cards off his want lists and few other cards and today I got his package back in the mail, and boy... what a package it was.

First off, there were a bunch of cards off my 08 Goudey want list. I am down to needing only 12 more to complete the base set w/o sps - please - check it out if you think you can help me. I chose to show these two cards because they both recently did something notable - but I cannot remember what it was.

Since I cannot remember... here is my challenge to you. Please use the comment section below to make up a story about what it is exactly Albert Pujols and Dustin Pedroia did. I'll give you the first sentence - you do the rest.

It was a cold week in November after the season where both of their teams did not win a world series. However, a great happening in both of their lives happened upon Albert and Dustin's car got stranded on the highway in a small town in Upstate New York.....

Next up, were a small stack of 08 Heritage to get me a bit closer to the set. I still need quite a bit of help, but every card helps. I chose to show Big Prince here because he is hands down the fattest vegan I have ever see and was wonderfully satirized on The Onion as a gigantic cheeseburger. Do yourself a favor and check it out.
Next were 3 sealed backs of 1993 Duracell Power Players cards. I scanned the checklists of the packs I received below. Your standard early 90's stars. What I love about sets like these is how the remind me of the Real World where all corporate logos are blurred out or removed. Each player plays for a team with no logo!
How fitting a nickname is "Strawman" for a dude who did tons of coke?
Now finally we get to the big guns. Nestled behind another sweet card you are about to see, is my very first Jose Reyes game used card. This comes from a set that I loved, Fleer Ultra 907). I know it was bastardized for hobby, but I got all of mine and K-Mart and totally think these cards are sweet. Upper Deck totally screwed the pooch on this one.
Now Finally - we have a 1/1 Chris Harris Autograph. I know I have never gotten on my soap box about sticker autos - but I don't love them. My mind has been changed. This sig rivals Brian Bannister's for the best in the biz, and now, if I ever need to know where to go for snarky commentary, I'll never forget.

So a HUGE thanks goes out to Chris - Make sure to check him out and let him know how much you want to hear Wesley Willis's tale of whooping Batman's ass.

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