Sunday, November 30, 2008

Alternababe Crushes of High School part 7

OK! We are down to the final 2! Tomorrow my all - time favorite girl will be declared, but today I bring you to you the runner up.

Anna Waronker
Band: That Dog
Song: Never say Never
Album: Retreat From the Sun

That Dog is a band that was always terribly inconsistent when it came to songwriting. Anna is a girl who is always consistent when it comes to being a very pretty girl. There is one thing to say about this video - she can be very foxy without taking it to a dirty X-Tina type level. Plus the song is catchier than AIDS. When that dog disbanded the members went on to do their own thing and some joined up with Matt Sharp of Weezer fame to do the The Rentals. Another classic alt rock band that does not get their due.

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