Saturday, November 22, 2008

2008 Heritage High numbers Box Break Packs 1-4

The Heritage fairy came! Here are the first 4 packs

First we have the box topper featuring Brian Schneider, Mat Diaz, and Darin Erstad - I Think I will try to get all three to sign it TTM this next season.

Pack 1

Willy Aybar
John Bowker RC
Kevin Millar bb
johnny Estrada Clubhouse Collection - Ugh... really?
Marco Scutaro Chrome 20/1959
U/H Geoff Blum/Chad Moeller

Pack 2

Mike Jacobs
Mike Gonzalez
Mike Lamb
Rob quilan
Greg Reynolds RC
Andy Marte
U/H Fernando Tatis/Ivan Rodriguez

Pack 3

Jay Bruce RC
Chris Davis RC
Masahide Kobayashi RC
Carlos Marmol
Jody Gerut
Kevin Slowey SP
U/H Jeremy Affeldt/Corey Hart

Pack 4

Marcus Thames
Matt Macri RC
Carlos Gonzalez RC
Ken Griffey Jr Baseball Flashbacks
Taylor Teagarden RC bb
Bryan Lahair RC
U/H Kosuke Fkudome RC/Kelvin Jimenez

Well, not a great start - some good rookies, but a shit relic and only 1 SP. Better luck next time

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White Sox Cards said...

Hopefully, I'll be able to get my hands on some packs of this soon.