Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trade With Adam @ Thoughts and Sox

Well this package actually came on Monday, but like Adam, I too am late getting the post up. Along with 9 cards for my 08 Goudey set, he sent me a sweet stack of 50 Mets cards. Here are the highlights as far as I am concerned.

First up, is as someone who has only been collecting cards again since 2007 is a set that is new to me, is a David Wright card from 2005 Donruss Absolute Memrobilia. Here we have a picture of David and his worst habit, pounding his glove with the ball about 37 times before rushing a through to first that will sail towards the home side of first. Wow, that was written like a Braves fan. Long night at work. Nothing but love David, nothing but love.

Next up we have former Met/B-Met Grant Roberts from 1997 Bowman. Grant had a lot of potential, but it seemingly and literally went up in smoke. When pictures of him from what I believe was Newsday showed up on the cover with our man letting off some steam. I have a soft spot for the shitty pot Met years - Mark Corey, Tony Tarasco- you think they would realize the futility of their careers and tried saving a few bucks instead of rocking the ganja.

Next we have my two favorite cards received. These are from another set I have not seen before, but I would love to get more. it looks like these are from a set called Topps 2005 Fan Favorites. Well as a Met fan, they certainly are. You can never sleep on Straw, and while Jefferies was a little asshole not deserving of any respect from a veteran ballplayer, he was our asshole, and the reason I was never able to save my allowence money when his rookie cards hit stores in 1989.

Next is have Shawn bouman from 2005 Bowman. This guy was pretty much an afterthought of the Mets system until this year when his bat came together with his glove and hada good year in Binghamton once we lost Dan Murphy to the bigs. This one will be coming to the stadium with me this year if he makes another run through Bingo. He is currently hitting really well in the AFL.

Lastly is the big chip in the deal - A 2004 Bowman Heritage game used bat card #d 5/55 from 2004 Bowman heritage. As far as former Mets go, Mike is my 2nd favorite behind Robin Ventura. This is the first really nice Piazza card I have of him in a Mets jersey as I was not collecting in his heyday.

Please go check out Adam's blog and let him know what a good job he is doing. I feel a bit of a kinship with him as we are still both new to the scene and are both trying our best not to just showcase what we like, but help out our fellow bloggers and add a few minutes of fun reading to the day of anyone who wants it.

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