Saturday, November 29, 2008

Alternababe Crushes of High School part 6

Now, while compiling this list I thought of a few ladies whom maybe should have been included but decided not to. One of them was all time train wreck Courtney Love. While her band was good, she is the Yoko Ono of Nirvana and a total slore. No go.

Now however, an oversight I cannot believe I made is being corrected right here in the top 3.

Kim Shattuck
Band: - The Muffs
Song: Sad Tomorrow
Album: Blonder and Blonder

Okay, now in my days, I have never once had a single person agree with me that Kim is a total knockout. All I can say is, I like what I like - I don't anticipate many agreeing with me here, but if you are a fan of solid pop punk - at least you can appreciate her. I first heard the Muffs on the Angus soundtrack (a GREAT teen comedy, totally underrated and great soundtrack through and through). So after hearing the song, I did what any enterprising teenager would do.

Join Columbia House under a fake name and get 12 cds for 1 penny! (and then never pay).

I probably owe them...well lets just say I've got over 40 cds from that place for less than $5 bucks.

Anyway - I loved the album, and their follow up Happy Birthday To Me I view as a classic pop punk album, up there with the Queers and Screeching Weasel. Please enjoy Sad Tomorrow.


capewood said...

Was it the cleavage?

White Sox Cards said...

These posts are really taking me back to high school!