Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Land of Steves - Trades Receiveds (sorta rhymes)

Ok - Well, today I got 2 packages, one from Jeff Wolfe at Card Junkie (this man is going all Space Odyssey compared to this post with his videos!) and the other from a little blog about some dudes in Chicago. Since my wife is sleeping and sick and my scanner is loud and well, we get the dilly text wise. Sorry to got so 2006 on ya.

Now, both of these men sent me a handful of 1990 Fleer cards that I needed to finish my NOW COMPLETED set.

Now, I dont know about all of you, but when I complete a set, I often go all Southern Baptist and have an old school freakout....

Like this

Give it about 30 seconds until you see the kind of excitement that I am talking about.

So now that i've gotten the ghost, It's time to move on to the rest of the goodies.

All of these cards come from Steve and I thank him for it.

2008 goudey Prince Fielder

2008 Ud Baseball Heroes

torii Hunter
Pedro Martinez
Carlos Delgado
Omar Vizquel
Kevin Kousmanoff
Reyes/Jeter Duel Card

2008 Topps Heritage Low

NAP Vladdddddy
Dali Lama
Luis Aparicio
Luke Hochever (pronounced ho shaver I believe - good for him)
Tad Iguchi
David Wright
The Riot
Cole Hamels SP

Thanks to the both of you - all of these cards are now safe in their respective pages


White Sox Cards said...

I'm glad I could help put the last nail in the coffin of 1990 Fleer. Thanks for the CD and the cards. I'll be sending a mix CD in return.

In the meantime, I'm wondering why my word verification is unclefib.

I won't be officially an uncle until October 2009 and I rarely fib. Weird.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Always glad to help, thx again for the Topps series 2