Friday, November 7, 2008

I think Scott Boras has been a a victim of occular penetration

Ok, I do not think that Scott Boras is the devil incarnate. I feel that he is just a man who is good at his job and does his best to do what his clients get him to do, which is get them paid.

However every year there seems to be a player or two who's initial contract demands are so crazy, it makes you wonder if watches different games than us all year. Of course we all know he was the driving force behind Manny splitting for Boston and his hurt knee (check out a great, but long article by Bill Simmons here).

But what has really gotten my goat are his contract demands for Jason Varitek. Yes, Jason has been a very nice player for Boston, and last time his contract was up, it was a time when he was the heart and soul of a team that was already going to be losing a few pieces and could not afford their captain to be one of them - but now, to think that he is worth Jorge Posada money (which I don't even think Jorge Posada is worth) at 4 years and 50 mill plus - one would think that Scott Boras has indeed been skull fucked.

Lets look just at the last three years of numbers from the two aging backstops

Posada (Will use 2005-2007 as those were the years preceeding free agency)

Year Age G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI Avg OBP SLG
2005 33 142 474 67 124 23 0 19 71 .262 .352 .430
2006 34 143 465 65 129 27 2 23 93 .277 .374 .492
2007 35 144 506 91 171 42 1 20 90 .338 .426 .543

Now let's look as his comparables by age

Carlton Fisk, Carlton Fisk, Carlton Fisk - (HOF Catcher)


Year Age G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI Avg OBP SLG
2006 34 103 365 46 87 19 2 12 55 .238 .325 .400
2007 35 131 435 57 111 15 3 17 68 .255 .367 .421
2008 36 131 423 37 93 20 0 13 43 .220 .313 .359

Comparables by age from are Mike Stanley, Mike Lieberthal, and Mike Stanley - nice players yes, not exactly murderers row.

Now, by no means am I endorsing Jorge Posada for the Hall of Fame - Just stating that going into his contract year, his numbers were far superior. I understand you pay so much for intagibles and club house presence - but to say that Jason has earned a 4 year deal @ 50 Mil. plus? Insane.

But again, I feel very strongly that this is not all Scott Boras's fault - I have been doing some research and it seems the government has been taking steps to prevent future skull fuckings like the one Mr. Boras has certainly received. Check out the video below regarding the Occular Penetration Restriction Act of 2007.

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