Friday, November 7, 2008

I Need your help!

Okay - I need to come clean.

I am an idiot.

I thought I was being saavy and wrote a post up yesterday thinking I would put it up tonight, saving me the time from writing. The post is below regarding the 2008 Topps Series 2 packs. My thought was that when I hit publish, it would bump to the top.


Also, when I go to edit my posts, I see a link that says scheduled posts. So I figure, oh, I will just go schedule this post, then remove it from where it presently,


I do not know how to do these things, and for about a half hour or so now, I dont think I have gotten any closer to doing so. Are there ways for me to do this? I am normally busy on weekends so I want to have posts set to go up for the 7 of you who actually look at this. If you can be of any assistance please shoot me a line or leave a comment. I really do apprecaite it.

P.S. - I am jealous of all of you with cool title graphics/headers -Is there an easy program to use to create one, or is anyone out there will to trade their time and abilities for some free swag? Again, please let me know!


dayf said...

You're not an idiot, Blogger's just screwy.

Ok, so you open a new post and start writing. There's a link underneath the text box labeled "Post Options". Click that.

Over on the right, you'll see "Post Date and Time". This is set to the time you opened the new post. So, if you open it up at 2 and take an hour to write the post, even though it's 3, the post will act as if it was posted at 2. If you save it as a draft and come back 3 days later it will still have that date on it from three days ago.

Once you have finished writing a post, click on that "post options" and set the date and time before posting it. if you want it to post right away, set it for the current time. If you want to set it to post over the weekend, set it for that day and time and it will be marked as scheduled until that time. You have to set this yourself, because blogger won't do it for you.

Title graphics/headers: Everything on my site is 100% MSPaint. None of that fancy schmancy photoshop crap for me.

Hope that helps.

steveisjewish said...

Sweet - that definately helps - I will try to get this to work for me today! I really apprecaite the help my friend!

AdamE said...

That sounds like good advise. I'll try it too. I did the same thing as you and only way I could figure out how to ge it to post like a new one was to shitch it to a html copying it and then pasting the html onto a new post them deleting the old one.

dayf said...

No prob, just be warned that just as soon as you get used to all Blogger's quirks, they'll do an update and throw a whole bunch of new quirks at you. (like uploading images in reverse order - what's up with that??)

capewood said...

Moving images around in compose view is a real chore as well. My daughter (who can sight read html) suggested that I go to html view, cut the html for the pictur out, and paste it where I want it. That works great.