Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trade Wtih the Cardboard Addict!

I just wanted to write up a quick post of the crown jewels I received in a recent trade with Joe over at Cardboard Addiction. On top of sending me a bunch of cards I needed for my 08 UD set - He sent over these bonus goodies knowing I am a big Mets fan.

First up we have a Jeremy Griffiths card from 2003 Bowman's Best. Jeremy is a guy I actually remember watching while he came through here in Binghamton - This was before I had much interaction with any of the B-Mets or looked for autos of any kind, so I dont have too much to say about him personally, but it's still awesome to be able to have this card in my collection. His time in the major leagues was then than incredible, and he hasnt been there since 2004 - but once a B-Met, you always have a place for me in your fan club.

Next there is a Ryan Coultas Auto #156/400 from Upper Deck SP Prospects. Ryan was a 6th round pick for the Mets was Baseball America's #1 D-II prospect going into the draft, however never seemed to do to much for for his pro career - in fact, I really could not find too much info on him . However, that doesnt making getting this card any less awesome. I will do abit more ersearch on him in the future.

Joe - thank you so much, and I promise to be looking into my collection to see if there are any sweet little nuggets that I can send your way.


night owl said...

Holy smokes, I just read your profile after reading your post about the B-Mets. You live in Endicott! I grew up in Binghamton and Endicott! Tiny world.

Cardboard Addiction said...

Glad you enjoyed them. With this whole blogosphere thing, I'm starting to find good homes for allot of cards that mean nothing to me, but allot to other people. I guess it's the 1 mans trash another mans treasure theory. I have your address, if anything interesting Met wise comes my way, I'll send it to you.