Monday, November 24, 2008

Body Count

Ok - My guiltiest pleasure is 24. You have all seen it, you know the drill, I bet a lot of you watch it. This Year, I wanted to run a body count of how many people Jack Bauer kills versus how many people die at the hands of anybody else. Now, I do think I will count and catastrophies like a nuclear bomb, only more singular gun shot/grenade type killings.

So after a weak premier movie, 24:Redemption

we have our first count.

Jack Bauer killed - 14 People
Everyone else killed - 11 People

I will keep a running total -

Now, When the season starts I may run some contests over who correctly guess and body counts before the show air time - and I will find some goodies to give out.. I will flesh this all out before the premier in January.


Slette said...

I'm just excited Tony Almeda is back... love that dude.

jv said...

My wife liked to have fell off the couch when she saw Tony. She had no idea he was coming back as she's totally against spoilers of any sort.

What did you think of Redemption? I didn't really like it to much. I thought the previews pretty much gave it all away.

But, it was the first new Jack in 2 years so I looked the other way on anything I didn't like about it.

Jack Bauer is friggin' awesome!

Anonymous said...

i just did the math, from day 1 through 6 plus the 2 hours from redemption, thats 146 hrs and a total body count of 199....thats 1.36 people killed per hour. super sweet.