Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Sweet Tune

Below you will find a video from the Foo Fighters new DVD that comes out today Live from Wembley Stadium - This is from their most recent tour for their last album.

My wife and I saw this show here @ Binghamton University when they came through and I can say without any trepidation that Dave Grohl is unequivically the coolest dude ever.

1) He was in Nirvana - Epic
2) He played Satan in a movie
3) He has long hair and a beard
4) He wrote one of the best alternative rock albums ever, "The Colour and the Shape"
5) He boned that girl from Veruca Salt Louise Post - highschool crush supreme
6) He's a funny dude
7) He BRINGS it live as do the rest of the Foos.

Check it out

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White Sox Cards said...

I saw them in 1996 at a small venue in Chicago. They rocked the house! Even opening band The Amps were decent. Although, I was secretly hoping for a rendition of "Marigold".