Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Dirty Inspiration

So me and lovely wife went to go see Zack and Miri Make a Porno this weekend. As a long time Kevin Smith fan, as well as growing Justin Long fan (the voice of his charecter in the movie is worth the price of admission alone - it's like Batman voice from Christian Bale, but intentionaly funny) I could not wait to see this movie, and while I didnt love it, it was certainly a good time - but it got me thinking - If I were to make an all male porn flick staring all baseball jocks - who would I cast?
It didnt take long for everything to come together -

Of course the star of the show and main stud would be

"pitching" to Rusty would be Really - Orel and "Shiser" in one name? I bet he's the talk of the town (country) in Germany -

When Orel gets tired and needs a long man - to the rescue is...

To wrap up the first casting call we'd have to bring out our two specialists from the bullpen who can really bring up the rear

Oh man - I'm sure 2 Don Aase posts in one week must be a baseball card blog record - at least I hope it would be...

and of course - our M.V.P.

There are a lot more players out there available for sequels -
Can anyone out there think of any great names for the film? I'd love to hear what ya'll have to say


dayf said...

Let's have some of that '70s action:
Pete LaCock and Dick Pole.

steveisjewish said...

Oh I've got a list of plenty more for the squels and future posts - I really wanted to add Dick Hoover and Tony Suck, however, could not locate any baseball card images of them! Damn 1880s!

Dwightford420 said...

Well you could always co-star Alex Rodriguez and Albert Pujols under the title A-Rod in your Pujols. And I know this is a baseball blog but you should certainly get Dick Butkus to make a guest appearance as the pizza delivery man. Boom Chick a Bow Wow!