Saturday, November 22, 2008

5 Hobby Packs of Topps Series 2

When I dropped in for my Heritage fix, I picked up a smattering of packs to work towards my set. Here are the results (and maybe some scans if there is anything interesting). I will arbitrarily assign a score 1-10 to see which is the best pack.

Pack 1

Jose Guillen
Ricky Nolasco
Jeff Francoeur
Ted Lilly
Erick Threets RC
Chris Capuano gold 971/2008
Topps Stars Alfonso Soriano
Adam Kennedy
Matt Murton
Gary Matthews

2 points due to the Soriano insert

Pack 2

Jay Gibbons
Scott Baker
Alex Cora
Nick Punto
Nick Markakis Trading Card History
Franklin Guitierez gold
Dead President/Aspiring Dead President
Jon Garland
Mike Rabelo
Bobby Abreu

0 points - If I ever get another card of a president, well, I wont do anything, but I won't be pleased

Pack 3

Pat Neshak (TTM's best friend)
Miguel Batista
Cliff Floyd
Pedro Martinez
Chris Young
Hideki Matsui
More Dead Presidents
Rickie Weeks
Willy Tavarez
Eric Gagne

- 10 points - damn presidential cards

Pack 4

Marcus Thames
Brendan Ryan
Alex Gonzalez
Elliot Johnson RC
Adam Everett
Oliver Perez
Tom Gorzalanny Gold
Jonny Gomes
Kenny Rogers
Casey Kotchman

ummm...1 point?

Pack 5

Ryan Theriot
Kyle Davies
Fred Lewis
Bill Hall
Tom Gordon
All Star Rookie Adam Dunn - what is it with me and Adam Dunn lately
Reggie Willits gold
Austin Kearns
Joba "dui" Chamberlain
Scott Hairston

how on earth is this pack the winner with 3 points - these have to be the worst 5 packs in the history of packaging.

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