Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lady Alternarocker Crushes of High School Part 2

Today's stunning purveyor of teen angst is...

#6 - Shirley Manson
Band - Garbage
Song - Only Happy When It Rains
Album - Garbage

Garbage is the baby of a group of super producers from the alternative scene (heavy hitter/drummer Butch Vig being the most notable) and a sexpot from Scotland named Shirley Manson. Garbage were really one hit wonders as far as albums go, as they were never able to duplicate the success of their debut. This makes sense because they really were not an AMAZING band. Just good. And Shirley... oh Shirley. Picture yourself as a 14 year old boy whos got a hard on for heavy music, and not much oppurtunity for using that hard on any where else. picture it... I'll wait.

OK. Now you see this video of a pretty good band and a very hot girl full of piss and vinnegar. Harlot red hair. This is the alternateen dream. Now read the interview with her in Spin Magazine. I dont remember anything about that interview except multiple references to the color and amount/lack of pubic hair. Remember now, you are an awkward 14 year old boy. and you are now in love.

Part 3 Tomorrow


night owl said...

This countdown seems to be right up my alley. Garbage rocks.

"Only Happy When It Rains" was my favorite song from '96. Actually, I think "Version 2.0" was a better CD than the "Only Happy/Stupid Girl" CD.

Anonymous said...

Is that the interview that features her talking about drinking, uh, things out of belly buttons?

Cardboard Addiction said...

When I read part 1, I instantly thought of Shirley. She is by far the hotest AlternaRocker chick. I remember reading somewhere that she's a complete and utter sex fiend. Remember the line from the Big Daddy soundtrack "When I grow Up"...Happy Hours Golden Showers. Pure Genious!

White Sox Cards said...

Of course I remember her from Angelfish, her side project before Garbage. Keep 'em coming!