Monday, November 3, 2008


One big part of my life besides baseball cards is music. Something I would like to do here is post mention of new albums, songs, classics, really whatever is floating my boat at any specific time.

The first Song/Video I am going to post is by Ryan Adams and the Cardinals off their new album Cardinology (9/28/08). For those not in the know, Ryan has been recording albums for around 10 years new under his own name, with the Cardinals, and Whiskeytown. He's always had a bit of and indie flair, occasionally garage rock, but usually a laid back country vibe. Here they are with their new single "Fix It" from the new album on Letterman from 10/29/08 - Let me know if you like it and we can re-visit some more of his tunes.

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Dave said...

Not my favorite Ryan Adams song in the world, but overall he's one of my favorites!