Thursday, November 27, 2008

Alternababe Crushes from High School Part 4

Todays beauty is

Justine Frischmann
Band: Elastica
Song: Connection
Album: Elastica

From the opening chords of this song, I was sold. Yes, its reminiscent of that old tune by Wire, but whatever, nothing is new or original anymore anyhow. She brings the hot to the table in many ways. 1) British girl - nice teeth, sweet accent 2) I was/am a complete sucker for girls with this haircut. My wife actually just got one very similar to it, and I am a happy man. 3) This album was full of great pop songs. I actually had a hard time choosing the video to feature here, but since this was their biggest hit it got the call. take 2 minutes to enjoy yourself.

Also - Something for the ladies here as well - about a dozen naked dudes. I wonder how the drummer felt about this shoot?

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